TechCrunch on Friday 29th!

On Thursday its the 6th Annual Summer Party At August Capital with I haven’t been to an event with TechCrunch yet but I’m hoping for something magical. I love the blog, so it just make sense for it to be a great event. During a half day they will explore the “mobile first” mantra. I will write more about the mantra as I get enlighten at the event on Friday.

So the party is at August Capital, which was founded in 1995 by two seasoned players in the venture capital business. Their names were Dave Marquardt and John Johnston. Now they consists of seven investment professionals. They have invested in over 75 companies. They wanted to invest in  companies which was very entrepreneurial and also with a high technical innovation sense.

Techcrunch who is having the party is a website which performs analysis and write about new things going on in the technology side of life. They also write a lot about startups, products and different websites. They have been around since 2005. It is created by Michael Arrington but is owned by AOL since 2010.

Photo from’s party at a previous year.