SuperHappyDevHouse 45 at Google HQ

Super Happy Developer House is a gathering of programmers/hackers that meet at a different location once every 6 wks approx. I, Dan (who is a part of the team working on Studentity) and my brother Rasmus who came for a visit, and also helping out with the back-end of the website, came to the Google Headquarters around 1pm. People started gathering and we all started working on our projects! David Newman, the founder of iPadportraits asked if he could pain my portrait. So during the following 4 hours, he was sitting next to me painting away on his iPad. It was truely remarkable to see how he sketched!

A great lunch buffet was served around 3, and there was drinks and snacks available during the whole event. At 7 pm the “Lightning talks” began. Anyone who had something interesting to show/talk about could have 5 minutes to present. Key was that it had to be something people could learn from, not just a sales pitch.

We left around 9 pm, and had a tour around the Google campus. They have such cute red/blue/green/yellow bikes that anyone can borrow to bike around campus.